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Top 3 Myths of Dental Tourism

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Since 1991  DentiCenter has been providing high-quality and reliable dental care to its patients 97% of DentiCenter patients come from the U.S. - Saving up to 70%

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Visit any of DentiCenter’s six convenient locations along the U.S. – Mexico border in Mexicali, Matamoros, Reynosa, San Luis R.C., Nuevo Progreso and Tijuana.  Insurance Information


Are you looking for a high quality Tijuana Dentist?  Or a high quality TJ Dentist? Then DentiCenter is your choice for the highest quality dentist in mexico that is not only affordable dentist in Tijuana, but has the highest quality Tijuana Dentists.  All of our mexico dentists are certified tj dentists and DentiCenter Tijuana dentist has become the premier location for Americans and Canadians to receive high quality care from a Tijuana dentist.

Many of our patients ask if it’s safe to come to Tijuana for Dental work and we are proud to say our community is very safe for you to come down to see a Tijuana Dentist.  Our dentists in Tijuana are just minutes across the border from San Diego.  It can be very difficult finding a dentist in Tijuana that follows the strictest guidelines set forth by the American Dental Association.  Each one of our Tijuana dentist have to take hundreds of hours of classes and safety measures before they can treat patients.  This is precisely why we have become the primary dentist office in Tijuana for those searching for a high quality TJ dentist.

Dental Tourism
Patients come from all over North American to use our dentists in Tijuana that work for DentiCenter.  For work that requires surgery or a few days we provide hotels in Tijuana, food, and various tourist activities, while always having the time to visit your dentist in Tijuana.  Our patients save money and receive the highest quality dental care in Mexico available.

To find a Dentist near the Border that provides the facilities and care that DentiCenter provides can be extremely difficult, this is why our dentists in Tijuana are trained to give you the best care whether it be a cavity help in Tijuana, a Tijuana Cosmetic Surgeon, or any other dental service at 1/3 of the cost in the U.S.!

"I searched for years for a high quality dentist in tijuana and have heard many stories about tijuana dentist and why the are so affordable. My health insurance in the U.S. was too expensive so I began searching for dentist in Tijuana and started with a google search "Tijuana Dentist" and "TJ Dentist".  After scouring the sites that came up the DentiCenter site stuck out to me and choosing them as my Tijuana Dentist turned out to be the best decision I've made. Just yards across the U.S. border, a DentiCenter representative met me and walked me to their office.  The initial exam was free and my Tijuana Dentist spoke perfect english.  I stayed for only a few hours and want to thank Dr. Eng and his Tijuana Dentist team."